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Film: White Noise 

Monday 22 Feb, 20:00 – 22:00

Directed by Daniel Lombroso

Q&A with: Daniel Lombroso

Studium Generale TU/e Hi everyone and welcome to: White Noise. If you have any questions for director of the film Daniel Lombroso, you can ask them via this chat. We’ll do our best to address a few questions after the documentary.
Studium Generale TU/e USE registration, PLEASE NOTE: you can only register for SG&USE if you watch the entire program. You can then you complete the online SG&USE registration form within five minutes after the end of this program.
Studium Generale TU/e The form will be provided in this chat/ comments box immediately after the program has ended. Please keep your student ID number at hand, because you'll need to fill it out in the form. Are subtitles available for the hearing impaired?
Studium Generale TU/e Unfortunately, it isn't available for us with subtitles.
Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) @director: I guess you have been threatened by alt-right supporters, or not?
Tim K This man explicitly tells us he seaks out controversial positions to ride the train to fame. Why give him a stage with this documentary?
Josephine How do you get so close and gain confidence within these groups? How can you get in such intimate moments with the people in the documentary?
Tim K ^ Mike Cernovich
Martin Mirchev I feel like the moment of them showing their solutions are missing and more importantly does it exist?
Tim K I see more and more people moving to the far extremes, left and right. What do you think is fuelling this polarisation and how can we reduce it?
Monique Which of the main characters in your documentary did you personally find most interesting to follow and portray, and why?
Tico M. I have three questions, which could all be seen separately:
Tico M. Why did you decide not to include any commentary (of your own)? It's difficult to separate the movie from its political connotation, so why not make any political connotation explicit?
Tico M. One might argue that showing a politically extreme picture or framing (regardless of whether the picture is truthful or not) is in itself polarising. Are you concerned a documentary like this might cause societal or political polarisation, strengthening movements like the alt-right or white supremacy?
Tico M. The description of the documentary is strongly condemning and explicit, mentioning things like "the terrifying heart of the (far-right nationalist) movement", "powerful extremist movement", "populist and racist ideologies are refined, weaponized, and injected into the mainstream", et cetera. Is this a conscious choice? What motivated you in this decision, if so?
Tim K Very good documentary. Seems like there's been put more thought in it that you think in the beginning. Intriguing 'plot'. Thanks.
Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) Question: Will the republican party split in 2 parts? One of them following alt right principes?
Diederik G Very well made document, similar to the Dutch television series Tegenlicht
Diederik G By giving a group a platform to show their beliefs without giving arguments, thus making sure you need to form your own arguments
Efe What do you think on the universal hypocrisy of right wing, particularly far-right, actors?
Merel Do you think the alt-right will continue to grow now that trump is not president anymore?
BvS Very informative documentary! Do you think the rise of the alt right is in part due to the failing of the centre and left side of the political spectrum in engaging these groups in constructive dialogue, however hard that might be?
Diederik G What is your thought about American(Canadians and citizens of the USA) going to Europe and trying to intervene in European immigration? Should they be allowed to be able to intervene or give their opinion in Europe, or not?
Stefan R. Hi! Do you believe that the alt-right got so popular is because they could rally behind figureheads like Richard Spencer or Lauren, which popularized the movement and moved it in a certain direction, compared to movements like Antifa?
Efe Have you seen the limited series "Mrs. America" that also shows the hollowness of conservative politics? ?
Lucas How did Lauren, Mike and Richard react to the end result, the actual movie?
Maaike I almost felt like the people in the documentary started to doubt their own beliefs near the end, saying contradicory things, is this true?
Tico M. In the context of my earlier question on the decision not to include your own narration; I'm loving this Q&A so far and I think your eloquence is doing your message much justice. Why not include that in the documentary itself? Do you think the images and interviews speak for themself to a large enough extent?
Martin Mirchev What do you think provokes such movements?
Diederik G Did you changed anything about your opinion during the making of the documentary?
Tim K Initially I thought you were a very impartial and objectively observing journalist, but the more I listen to this interview the more it sounds like you have a very theory-laden view on it, which is also politically aligned (left). I guess I could have expected it, but still I'm a bit overwhelmed by your stern condemnation.
Diederik G Since this is of course an edit of a large pool of raw video, did you let your opinion decide what to include or exclude, and what helped you to give no opinion?
Tico M. I'm also very curious about Diederik's question above!
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Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) bye bye
Monique Thanks guys!
Studium Generale TU/e If you have any more questions, you can send an email to Daniel:

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