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Film: Inside the Red Brick Wall

Tuesday 23 Feb, 20:00

Directed by Hong Kong Documentary Filmmakers

Q&A with: Glacier Kwong

Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) good evening to you 2
Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) Unfortunately this seems like a lost battle at forehand: other countries won't dare to interfere. With Taiwan it could be different, but not with Hong Kong. Yes, I'm a pessimist
Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) were there also western students studying there involved in the protests?
Danang With many peaceful protests around the world failing (Hong Kong with Anti-Extradition Law, Indonesia with Omnibus law, Myanmar with coup d'etat), how does/should one stay optimistic in with the prospect of continuing to protest peacefully? Is there a more affective alternative to make a change? Perhaps more impactful without getting into a civil war?
Lucas What should have been a better strategy for Hong Kong in hindsight?
Lucas Where the makers of the film persecuted? Is there some sort of freedom of press these days?
Lucas What can the Western world do and had the Hong Kong protesters expected more support from the west?
Why did Italy win (oh, I can understand) Most people in HK had it 'good' 'under' the British, but isn't there any resentment towards colonialism?
Lucas Are there people in China mainland who openly support the Hong Kong protests and are they persecuted if they do so?
Tim K What were the protesters' demands?
Lucas What did the protesters in fact hoped for? To what extend where the protests 'succesful'
Tim K What was the impact of the protests on HK government?
Tim K @director: are you scared for repercussions for having released this footage?
Nikki M What does the future of Honkong look like now? What do you hope for the future?
Nathan What are some of the negative drawbacks after the protests, specifically for current PolyU students?
Yavor Razboinikov @Studium Generale, I can't find the registration form in the chat. Was it already released?
Yavor Razboinikov Alright, thanks a lot!
Maaike What kind of things can we do from here to help?
Danang I have asked this earlier on in the movie but I'm still curious. How do you stay optimistic during these times of opposition from the government?
Tim K I'm really enjoying Galcier Kwongs interview. Really clear and sincere answers.
Nikki M Agreed!
Danang Given your involvement in the opposition, have your family members and close connections been affected back in Hong Kong?
Jordy /clap /clap
Nathan Many claps
Tico M. Thanks very much for the Q&A, very insightful!
Hi everyone and welcome to the documentary “Inside the Red Brick Wall”. If you have any questions for digital rights activist Glacier Kwong, who will be joining us after the film, you can ask them via this chat box. We’ll do our best to address a few questions after the documentary has ended.
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The form will be provided in this chat box immediately after the program has ended. Please keep your student ID number at hand, because you'll need to fill it out in the form.
If you have a question for digital rights activist Glacier Kwong, who will be reflecting on the documentary shortly, then don't hesitate to drop your question in this chat box.
@Yavor, the form will be provided after the Q&A. Once the link is shared the USE form will be open for 5 minutes. You can register within those 5 minutes.
For the SG&USE registration you can now fill in this form (until 22:11!):
Thanks for watching. We hope you enjoyed it! And please check to see what’s up next!
Tomorrow's documentary is Oeconomia. Check it out:

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